Lava Tightrope Solder-Free Cables

I finally gave in and switched from my long-time soldered Canare GS-4 with G&H plugs  patch cables to the Lava Tightrope solder-free patch cables. It was really out of necessity more than anything else. I needed smaller plugs to hook up my newly-acquired Boss ES-5 switcher.



Fist off, huge shout-out to Jeff at Road Rage Pro Gear ( for a great deal on the 10′ with 10 RA plugs for essentially no forex uplift! He even agreed to meet with me on a Saturday  morning as supposed to me paying another $10 USD for delivery! Good stuff 👍


Like any person in the modern age that has internet connection, I went and watched a few videos on how to make the cables. Really, how hard can it be???


One of the videos I watched had a title that says “so easy even a doofus can do it“!

Funny, right?!

Well not for me … not until I have found out that 8 out of 10 cables I made did not work. Am I am essentially a “doofus”? Yikes!


Hard At Work!

I soon found out what happened to my cables. I have been trying to push and twist the cable so hard that the solid core, well, got twisted and bent out of shape without the proper threading.


Lava Tightrope bent and twisted in all its glory!


After more carefully and painfully re-inserting the core slowly, I finally got the cables done properly. Whew! I’m not a “doofus” after all … just a very impatient guy 🙂


Re-wired board … now I need a new mini tuner 😦

So here is the new board with fresh set of cables. It still sounds the same, but now I’m a few bucks poorer. Which reminds me, now I need to get one of those mini-tuners as well.

I like how it is easy to customize the length without worrying about soldering. The cable cutter that came with the pack is a nice touch. Although one can easily get away with a pair of scissors and cutters.

It’s a little pricey especially considering that one pack can only make 5 cables due to the number of plugs that came with it (10 plugs). I needed 10 cables so I ended up buying two packs but didn’t touch the cable from the 2nd pack, only the plugs. I even ended up with another 1 1/2 foot of un-sused cable from the original pack.

In conclusion: if you have the dough, go for the Lava Tightrope solder-free cables. It’s not ground-breaking but definitely an eye candy!


My Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks Rewards 2016 Changes

One of the main reason why I buy coffee from Starbucks is because their dripped coffee is brewed in a consistent manner. However it is a little bit more expensive than local coffee shops.

For a “Tall” coffee from Starbucks,

at least 2 coffee a day ($2.00 x 2) = $4.00

at least 5 x week = ($4.00 x 5) = $20.00

If I compare that to the “Medium” coffee from Tim Hortons,

at least 2 coffee a day ($1.70 x 2) = $3.40

at least 5 x week = ($3.40 x 5) = $17.00

That is essentially $3 in a week difference that could easily be translated to $12 for a 20-day work month.

The one justification I had before is that I gain enough rewards from Starbucks to offset this $12 cost difference.

Well, not for long … here’s what is changing:

Starbucks Rewards 2016 Changes

Starbucks Rewards 2016 Changes


This new reward system would have me buy 32 cups of drip coffee before I even get a freebie.

I somewhat understand why changes are being made economic-wise, but, C’MON!

12 cups to 32 cups for a free reward

$24 to $64

I don’t think I need to do more complex math to understand this screws me up. I also don’t think I’m the only one getting affected by these changes.

Sadly, it’s time for me to move on from Starbucks no matter how this email content makes it sound exciting!

Starbucks Mail Press Release

Starbucks Mail Press Release

But hey, maybe this is the opportunity to start preparing my own french press in the office!

Get free access to digital magazines

Here’s how get free access to digital magazines thru Toronto Public Library and Zinio …


What You Need

Which Magazines Are Available?


Initial Thoughts

Blogging used to be a hip thing to do. However, with the advent of quick fix posts using the various social media outlets, the practice had become almost an afterthought. With all the movie and music revivals today …

… time to resurrect the art of blogging! 👍