Steeprise Lake @ Algonquin Provincial Park

3-day, 2-night backcountry hike & camping at Algonquin Park’s Steeprise Lake & Maggie Lake vicinity.

Where are you hiking this summer?

My Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks Rewards 2016 Changes

One of the main reason why I buy coffee from Starbucks is because their dripped coffee is brewed in a consistent manner. However it is a little bit more expensive than local coffee shops.

For a “Tall” coffee from Starbucks,

at least 2 coffee a day ($2.00 x 2) = $4.00

at least 5 x week = ($4.00 x 5) = $20.00

If I compare that to the “Medium” coffee from Tim Hortons,

at least 2 coffee a day ($1.70 x 2) = $3.40

at least 5 x week = ($3.40 x 5) = $17.00

That is essentially $3 in a week difference that could easily be translated to $12 for a 20-day work month.

The one justification I had before is that I gain enough rewards from Starbucks to offset this $12 cost difference.

Well, not for long … here’s what is changing:

Starbucks Rewards 2016 Changes

Starbucks Rewards 2016 Changes


This new reward system would have me buy 32 cups of drip coffee before I even get a freebie.

I somewhat understand why changes are being made economic-wise, but, C’MON!

12 cups to 32 cups for a free reward

$24 to $64

I don’t think I need to do more complex math to understand this screws me up. I also don’t think I’m the only one getting affected by these changes.

Sadly, it’s time for me to move on from Starbucks no matter how this email content makes it sound exciting!

Starbucks Mail Press Release

Starbucks Mail Press Release

But hey, maybe this is the opportunity to start preparing my own french press in the office!