My New Northface Terra 65L Backpack

I have recently upgraded my hiking pack to a Northface Terra 65L in TNF Black / Monument Grey.


Here are some of the things I liked:

  • Great fit! With the Optifit technology, I have managed to adjust the pack to my torso length fairly quickly. Both the waist belt and the chest support are easily adjustable.
  • No shoulder/traps fatigue … well, at least I didn’t notice my traps are so sore until we got to our campsite.
  • Fairly light-weight. I have the S/M so it weighed in at 4 lbs 5.8 oz. Not really featherweight by any means. But for the size, it’s not really that heavy. Btw, the S/M is only 64L due to the shortened torso size.
  • Good back airflow. Even at 30-degree Celcius, I didn’t feel my back getting uncomfortably warmer. The back of the pack has a groove that lets air to flow through and I think it helped with the cooling effect.
  • Price is affordable … especially if you get a discount! Apparently, there are 2 versions of this pack. There’s not a lot of difference, at least from what I’ve read. You can find the older version for a much cheaper price.

 And some of the things I did not like:

  • No loops under the pack to hang my sleeping pad! Who doesn’t have that? Well, this one didn’t have that.
  • No rain cover! This is really very disappointing aspect of the pack for me. Really, Northface? You could not afford to give a free rain cover for this pack? Still shaking my head!
  • The liner that separates the bottom compartment for sleeping bag is so thin. Furthermore, it is only held together by a couple of loops instead of a zipper or something much sturdier.
  • External pockets could have been pleated for more space when packed. Once I have everything packed in, the pockets outside are a little tight. I managed to put in my 1L water bladder on the first one and my maps and smaller stuff on the second pocket.

My verdict:

I would definitely recommend this pack because of the comfort and the great fit.

This pack is good for 2-3 day hike, maybe even 4-5 days for ultra-lightweight hikers. I have managed to carry sleeping bag/pad, 2-person tent, stove, pots & pans, some food, utilities, 2L of water and my change of clothes.

You can get more information at the Northface website:

27801815615_880cd786ca_o - Version 2

Me with the Terra 65L

Happy trails!